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The Italian citizenship and dual nationality

Italian citizenship descent maternal line

Legal assistence

The Italian citizenship through female line and dual nationality

Legal assistence

The law firm provides both consultation and assistance in judgments in order to get the  italian citizenship  in front  of the Court of Rome: expecially italian citizenship for descent by female line.
In Italy it is possible to obtain the Italian citizenship  through maternal line and paternal line (iure sanguinis – blood right).

Those who have an Italian ancestor can demand the Italian citizenship and obtain the nationality. The nationality can be gotten by whoever has an ancestor  emigrated from the Italia.

It is therefore possible to get the nationality through descent (by blood) by either father or mother  with legal assistance of a lawyer.

In order to obtain the italian nationality through maternal line, you must prove in Court:

  • Your descent from your ancestor who emigrated, who originally held an Italian nationality: for example the great-grandfather passes his citizenship to the grandfather, who passes it to the father who passes it to the son.
  • The lack of interruptions in the passage of citizenship (each ancestor must not have lost their citizenship).
  • The marriage of the Italian woman with a foreigner.
  • The not voluntary naturalization of the first migrant in the foreign nation (acquisition of foreign citizenship).

You have the documents in order: you can apply for Italian citizenship

You can send your family tree to our law firm to be able to understand the descendants by paternal or female (maternal) line

The court of Rome indicates the hearings of the new judgments also in this period of corona virus – Covid 19

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Experience in judicial work

Italian citizenship, judicial activity and legal assistance. The lawyer offers advice and assistance for the recognition of Italian citizenship


The italian citizenship

The Italian citizenship descent through descent maternal line, recognition on the court with the defense of the lawyer

The Corte di Cassazione, with the decision n. 4466/2009, ruled that even the descendants (ancestors) of an Italian female, who lost their italian citizenship for marring a foreign husband, in force of the Law n. 555 of 1912, have the right to the recognition of the Italian nationality, making a judgment forward to the Court of Rome with the defense of a lawyer. Recognition of the italian citizenship through descent maternal line.

The law firm

  • examines the case and the necessary documents,
  • verifies if the descent is paternal or maternal (female line),
  • proposes the costs,
  • prepares the appeal,
  • contacts the municipality for the transcription of the sentence and birth certificates of the applicants for citizenship

Some sentences of the court in Rome of our law firm: granted Italian citizenship

  • Ordinanza del 2.4.2020 RG 15507/2019
  • Ordinanza del 8.1.2020 RG 51658/2018
  • Ordinanza del 19.11.2019 RG 57868/2018
  • Ordinanza del 20.09.2019 RG 24880/2018
  • Ordinanza del 26.6.2019
  • Ordinanza n. 19841 del 14.5.2019
  • Sentenza n. 8460/2019 pubblicata il 17.4.2019
  • Ordinanza n. 10104/2019 pubblicata il 14.5.2019
  • Sentenza n. 7798/2019 pubblicata il 10.4.2019
  • Sentenza n. 5628/2019 pubblicato il 14.3.2019
  • Sentenza n. 4331/2019 il 26.2.2019
  • Sentenza n. 3099/2019 11.2.2019
  • Sentenza n. 2004/2019 28.1.2019
  • Sentenza n. 766/2019 11.1.2019
  • Sentenza n. 15953/2018 il 31/07/2018
  • Ordinanza del 27.11.2018 cronologico n. 78189
  • Sentenza n. 22118/2018 16.11.2018
  • Ordinanza 2184/2018 del 16.2.2918
  • Sentenza n. 14109/2018 del 9.7.2018
  • Sentenza n. 4571/2018 pubblicata il 1.3.2018
  • Sentenza n. 18694/2017 il 04/10/2017
  • Sentenza n. 12055/2017 il 13/06/2017
  • Ordinanza n. cronol. 2184/2018 del 16/02/2018
  • Sentenza n. 21597/2017 il 16/11/2017
  • Sentenza n. 10080/2017 18/572017
  • Sentenza n. 13188/2018 il 27/06/2018
  • Sentenza n. 11341/2013 20/5/2013
  • Sentenza n. 24734/2015 10.12.2015
  • Sentenza n. 15127/2015 10.7.2015
  • Sentenza 17362/2015 27.8.2015


The process is the following:

  • The attorney studies and elaborates on your case;

  • legal advice on the specific case and document’s control;

  • opening the case and legal assistance of lawyer.

Required documents

The judgments and the court rulings for firm’s clients for italian citizenship through maternal line

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The Italian citizenship

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