The Italian citizenship iure sanguinis and dual citizenship

Consultation and assistance in the judgments to get the Italian citizen, Court of Rome
The Italian citizenship iure sanguinis for those who have an Italian ancestor and recognition of Italian descent
In Italy it is possible to acquire an Italian citizenship trough iure sanguinis.
It is therefore possible to become a citizen trough descent (by blood) by either father or mother. (ancestor) with legal assistance of lawyer.
The Citizenship can be obtained from whoever has an ancestor whom migrated in another nation.

In order to obtain the nationality, you must prove:

  • Your descent from your ancestor who emigrated, who originally held an Italian nationality iure sanguinis: for example the great-grandfather passes on the citizenship to the grandfather, who passes it on to the father who passes it to the son.
  • The lack of interruptions in the passage/transfer of citizenship (each ancestor must not have lost their citizenship).
  • The failure to foreign naturalization of the ancestor who first emigrated in the foreign nation. (acquisition of foreign citizenship).
  • Lack of request of a renunciation of citizenship -nationality from the ancestor and all of its descendants, including the interested individual.

The Italian citizenship by descent maternal

The Corte of Cassazione, with the decision n. 4466/2009, ruled that even the descendants (ancestors) of an Italian female, who lost their citizenship for marring a foreign husband, in force of the Law n. 555 of 1912, have the right to the recognition of the Italian nationality, making a judgment forward to the Court of Rome with the defense of a lawyer.

The process is the following:

  • The attorney studies and elaborates on your case;
  • delivery of the attorney’ opinion and convey direction of the necessary stance to be taken;
  • documents control;
  • opening the case;
  • legal assistance of lawyer.